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The Write Reviews takes a look at "Multiple Myselves"  

On July 4th 2015 Warren Peace of "The Write Reviews" took a closer and much more detailed look at the "Multiple Myselves" mixtape and broke down his views of each individual track one by one.
Warren sat with the record for some time before stating:
"Honestly, when I listened to this album the first time from beginning to end, it was Militant Michigan Menace that made me stop and say “Oh, he’s serious about this sh!t"

Check out the rest of the review here: more

The Show that almost didn't happen: One Be Lo x Ed Words 

This show has meant more to me than any other event I've done this far in my career.
here's why:
April 3rd 2015
B One Ballroom in Keego Harbor, MI

  It all started in the tattoo shop.
I was getting inked at Dixie Tattoo in Waterford, MI by my girl Megan. Her co-worker "Q" was there, we'd chopped it up before during some of my other sessions, so he knew i was out here trying to be a rapper. We had spoken before about some of our favorite emcees, One Be Lo came up, Q just so happened to know Lo and was about to…Read more

First entry: D12's Kuniva x Ed Words 

First and foremost, im about to say "Fuck" alot on here. and i have terrible grammar. So fuck off if you're not about that life.
Now lets get into it....

March 6th 2015
B One Ballroom in Keego Harbor, MI

  I was hella nervous this  morning, id played it cool for weeks prior to the show, but today i was really starting to feel the pressure of the show tonight.
I didnt get much sleep the night before and i could tell I was in for a long night ahead of me. 
My manager and producer Randy runs the soundboard and…Read more