First entry: D12's Kuniva x Ed Words

First and foremost, im about to say "Fuck" alot on here. and i have terrible grammar. So fuck off if you're not about that life.
Now lets get into it....

March 6th 2015
B One Ballroom in Keego Harbor, MI

  I was hella nervous this  morning, id played it cool for weeks prior to the show, but today i was really starting to feel the pressure of the show tonight.
I didnt get much sleep the night before and i could tell I was in for a long night ahead of me. 
My manager and producer Randy runs the soundboard and booking at the local watering hole (which is a huge bonus for us) so when he said Kuniva of the legendary rap group "D12" (you know, D12,  Eminem's group, yeah, that guy) was going to be there, i had to get put on that bill.
I mean, ive done shows before, i can rock a crowd and i can for sure bring out a crowd...but this... this was huge for me, ive only done local artist shows. never have i rocked a stage with someone people all across the planet knew, so i was stupid excited. this was a big notch in my career belt. Not only was i about to do a show with Kuniva, but other members of D12 were supposed to be in the building, not only were other members supposed to be there but, they were going to be in a bar on my block! a bar i pretty much grew up in! shit was crazy.

  I walked into the venue retarded early, like 4pm shit, the load in wasnt even unitl 6pm and soundcheck didnt happen until 7pm. i was that excited!
hours passed by and felt like days, i was nervous but i was excited, i was scared about how the crowd would react to my tracks, but i was ready to kill shit.
The other local support started to come in one by one and say whatup, drop off their merch, set discs, and get themselves ready for the show.
I kicked it with my crew for awhile until my dude Kid Smitty came through.

  Now, if youre not up on Kid Smitty and Playground Myuzik, you should probably kill yourself or go check them out right now! dont worry, this blog will still be here when youre done. Those dudes are amazing , especially live. but thats some other shit...
So i was kicking it with Smitty talking about his new shit and a track we're working on together, when all of the sudden BOOM! Kuniva walks in with his posse
awwwwwww shiiiiittttttt
not no gay shit. I mean butterflies in my stomach, my shit felt so fucked up it was like those butterflies were fucking gladiators taking each other out in my stomach.
i put my game face on an approached the legend.
"YO! Kuniva, whats up man? i'm Ed Words. Its an honor to share a stage with you tonight and have you in our club"
he shot me a grin, obviously seeing my excitement and said "whats up"
i told him that "whenever you and your squad are ready, ill take you in the back" 
"Whats in the back?!?" he said. i instantly felt like an idiot, this isnt even my responsibility to take artists into "the back" not to mention i probably sounded like i was going to try and run his pockets or some shit. 
"uhh, the Green Room, we got one all set up for you back there"
"oh, nah man we good right now, but thanks"
"oh uh, al-alright cool, well lemme know"
instant. fucking. tool.
i should have kept my damn mouth shut or said "whatup" and kept it movin.

Kuniva stood infront of the stage with his hype man and his DJ telling them how he wanted the set to go and how to react to the crowd if they were able to get right up next to the stage during his set, it was cool to watch them plot this shit out. I just get up there and freestyle what happens on stage, we was trying to plan it out...i got subliminal knowledge dropped on me at that moment. 
after a quick soundcheck him and his people bounced to the back.

The show starts and everything is 100. 
Smitty wanted Kuniva to see his set and asked if i could go ask hi to come out for it... now, originally, i was like, man fuck that. If Kuniva is going to see anyone do their thing tonight, imma make sure its me! but thats fuckin wack of me to do and im a generally good dude, so i went to see if i could convince him to come out for Smitty and Playground's set (besides, im a fan of those dude and they kill it everytime, its really something everyone should see, those kids put alot into their shows)
Kuniva isnt even in the building anymore, the staffed said he just took off and said he'd be back later... well shit. Oh Well.

My time to rock came right before Kuniva was set to go on, now the nerves really set in, theres alot of people in here, everyone is waiting to see Kuniva, they gotta get through me first. i better not fuck this up. beast mode = engaged
I left everything on that stage. Personally, i think i killed it, but i wasnt looking from the crowd, i could have fucked it up, but i got props when i stepped off stage so i knew i did something right.

Kuniva was in the back again, turns out he'd left the venue to go pick up fuckin Swifty McVay (dwammmnnnn) so i had to hype up the crowd for him while the DJ set up.
that shit was dope, another career high, Introducing Kuniva of D12. extra dope.
Kuniva came out and did a few tracks before surprising the rest of the venue by bringing out Swifty, the place went bananas. they did new shit, they did old shit, they did D12 shit. it was an epic fucking night.

My only regret about that night was when i woke up the next morning and got on facebook.
I saw all the other local artists took photos with Kuniva and Swifty, Swifty even posted one on his Instagram.
why the fuck didnt my dumbass even think about getting a photo with them!?!? oh well, next time...and believe me, there WILL be a next time....shits already in the books.


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